Good News // Promoting A Happier Monday

I found another positive news article on GoodNewsNetwork (They're full of em, obviously)

A young man named Massoud Adibpour has started a project called "Make DC Smile", where he and a few of his friends hold up signs to oncoming cars at a busy intersection, aiming to get honks (or even just smiles) from them. The signs read HONK IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE, DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF, BE HAPPY, and SMILE.

He is doing this all in an effort to combat a "case of the Mondays" that I'm sure almost every stressed out person on the planet suffers from.

The article is very interesting. It mentions that "For each negative encounter in a day, people need five positive interventions to keep up their happiness quotient" Crazy, huh? Considering how easy it is to encounter something negative during the day, this is kind of a big deal.

You can read the full article here.

So why the signs? "A sign that jogs feelings of gratitude or contentment triggers a mind-set that will encourage good feelings throughout the day." A great snowball effect that could possibly change the direction of your entire day.

So what can YOU do to combat a case of the Mondays?
Try posting something positive on your bathroom mirror, your front door, or somewhere on the dashboard of your car. Basically any place you will see it before you hit that traffic or clock in to the job that has slowly lost its luster.

Here's mine that is next to our front door. It's simple and to the point. Now every time we leave the house, this is the last thing we read.


 See Massoud in action.

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  1. It's super refreshing to see that someone is out there trying to make the day of prefect strangers! I recently saw a gal giving away hugs at the Pier in HB. I didn't get a hug but it really did make me smile seeing other people getting theirs :)